Update on La Gula Mexicana in Germantown (Restaurant by the Owners of Taco Bar and Ixtapalapa)


It has been over a year since we let you know about the La Gula Mexicana taking over the old Agrodolce spot in the Milestone Center in Germantown (21030 Frederick Rd Suite J).


Though Agrodolce is missed by many in the community, Diners can take solace in the fact that the new restaurant will be owned and operated by the folks who have brought you Taco Bar (in the gas station in Rio) and Ixtapalapa in Gaithersburg.

We are told the menu will be a fusion of the best of Taco Bar and Ixtapalapa along with the new items and the service will be similar to Ixta except for a small bar area where a bartender can provide you with full service.

La Gula will also have breakfast items.

For various reasons, things haven’t moved as quickly as originally expected, but signage is up and construction is ongoing at the restaurant.

We don’t have an opening date, but are excited to try it out later this year.

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7 Comments on "Update on La Gula Mexicana in Germantown (Restaurant by the Owners of Taco Bar and Ixtapalapa)"

  1. This is not a new update. I saw this same update a while back.

    • Hey! I think you’re mistaken. The pictures in the article were taken on Saturday. Thanks for your comment!

  2. As I said, pretty much the same update on Jan 7.

    You guys should be happy that people are reading closely.

  3. I guess for pointing this out, I am being moderated. I don’t believe my first comment was moderated.

    Anyway it is what it is. I like the site. Good information.

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