Update on Tuesday Afternoon Fire at Kohl’s Department Store

by Patrick Herron

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services responded to a fire at the Kohl’s department store at 12024 Cherry Hill Rd in Calverton on Tuesday afternoon. According to Chief Spokesperson for MCFRS Pete Piringer, the fire began as a brush fire that then extended to the façade of the building.  The cause of the fire was likely improperly discarded smoking materials (cigarette butt) and damages are estimated to be around $50,000.   The building was evacuated and there were no injuries reported.

Per @mcfrsPIO on twitter: “Update – Cherry Hill Rd, Orchard Center, Kohl’s Store, exterior façade fire, fire extinguished, checking for extension, no injuries. Kohl’s Store, 12,000 Cherry Hill Road, near Plum Orchard Dr, bldg fire, brush fire extending to building, @mcfrs PE715, T715 on scene & PE841, E724, PE716, T715, AT724, RS715, M715, BC701, BC704, E831 responding”


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