Updates from the 12/3 MCPS Board of Education Meeting: Opening Schools in Recovery of Education


Updates from the 12/3 MCPS Board of Education Meeting: Opening Schools in Recovery of Education

Today during their virtual meeting, the MCPS Board of Education discussed a number of topics including how MoCo is stacking up in terms of health metrics, student data, updates on measures they’re taking to ensure safety, and recommendations for student transportation once there is a return to buildings.

As of right now, the previously released Health Metric Matrix guidance will still be used to determine a phased-in return to in-person instruction.

Derek Turner, Chief of Engagement, Innovation and Operations, emphatically stated that [some] “students WILL be coming in when we get to 15 cases per 100k”– referring to “Students Special Populations” on the chart below:

As of today, we are above the threshold for a safe return to buildings, according to the above chart. The current data shows that MoCo is at 28.1 cases per 100k people.  Our current positivity rate is at 5.3%, which is above the recommended 5% test positivity rate.

There are currently 33 positive MCPS staff members who are quarantined, and 172 total positive staff cases reported since March.

Patricia O’Neill offered this commentary in hopes that the matrix might be changed at some point: “When there was a focus only on 5 (percent positivity rate)… that we had to be on 5 to open up…that might not be anytime in the next few months. I do think the science is evolving about the opening of schools…”

Derek Turner also mentioned that “…the CDC has adjusted their guidance around quarantine length– we’ve acknowledged that. We’re waiting for some local and state guidance around transitioning to a lower number– and so we won’t implement the shorter window until we get that guidance from our state and county officials.”

The Board of Education also shared an update from their survey that was sent to families about preferences regarding reopening.

96,418 parents have responded as of December 2.  51% of families have selected a partial in-person experience and 49% of families have selected all virtual learning experience as their preference.

In addition, the Board discussed student achievement metrics and gaps for various student focus groups. They also shared concrete modifications that they are implementing to HVAC systems in schools.

All of this information and more can be found in the recording of today’s meeting: https://youtu.be/JgjciqJBb9Q

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  2. Boooo Mcps! Just reopen schools just for once! It’s not a superspreader!

  3. Eso es una ridicules cuando sus se empiecen a enfermar en la escuela que no digan nada por que en realidad ningún lugar es seguro como quieren hacerles creer a las personas por que he visto personas que se han Guardado y se contagiaron de todas maneras eso es pura mentira de que estarían seguros en la Escuela

  4. MCPS didn’t use science or follow CDC recommendations. They made their own super strict Metrix. If one used science or commend sense, it would be ‘close the bars, open schools’. Europe countries kept the schools open because education there is top priority, and it shows that schools are not the super spreader. that we might think. France manage to control a huge outbreak in the fall with schools open. It is time for MCPS to consider changing their matrix and re-openinng for in-person instruction.

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