Urban Hot Pot (Rockville)

by MCS Staff

We’re working with Urban Hot Pot – Rockville to let you know about their fun restaurant located at 1800 Rockville Pike.

The concept of a hot pot restaurant might seem a little intimidating if it’s your first time, but based on our experience there earlier this week, we found it couldn’t be more simple.

As soon as you sit down the hostess walks you through the ordering process (each table has it’s own tablet). Once you choose your beverages, broth and select your meat or seafood, a waitress will come by with your individual hot pot and turn on your (child safe) burners. From there you choose your noodles, veggies and other sides from their moving conveyor belt that’s attached to your booth!

During our visit we enjoyed the sliced beef, beef meatballs, fish balls, sweet potatoes, and greens in the medium spicy broth. We then mixed in some Shacha BBQ sauce from the sauce bar (located next to the self serve ice cream machine).

We also highly recommend the Thai Tea. A great spot for a date night or special occasion! All you can eat!

Urban Hot Pot is opening a new location in March in nearby Columbia.


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