Veirs Mill Road…Viers Mill Village– Which One Is It?

by MCS Staff

Veirs Mill Road…Viers Mill Village– Which One Is It?

Depending on where you are, you’ll see different spelling of Veirs/Viers. You have Veirs Mill Road, but the housing development, Viers Mill Village, is spelled differently. Even Viers Mill Elementary School goes against the official spelling of the road, as ruled by Montgomery County back in 1967.

So which one is it?

If the housing development and school are named for the family who owned the actual mill…then unfortunately, they’re using an incorrect spelling of the name.

Veirs Mill operated on Rock Creek, approximately where Veirs Mill Road crosses the water. It was built in 1838 when Samuel Veirs bought about 400 acres of land in the area, and operated into the 1900s.

Descendants of Samuel Veirs still live in MoCo today and still spell their last name the same way– “Veirs.”

While the housing development and elementary school are technically spelled “Viers,” the correct spelling of the name the mill and road are named for is Veirs.



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Brigitta Mullican October 29, 2020 - 12:58 pm

I lived in Twinbrook for over 55 years and I often wondered why the spellings of Ridgway (Ridgeway_and Viers (Viers) were different. The Twinbrook Elementary School is on 5911 Ridgway Avenue, Rockville, MD 2085. Yet, maps had different spellings of the road. Lately, I haven’t paid attention to the spellings of the roads since both roads are so familiar.
Thanks for asking the question. It is one of those low priorities in the scheme of things.


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