Virtual Counseling Office Launches in Bethesda

by MCS Staff

Rise Counseling has announced the opening of its new virtual counseling practice in Bethesda. Founder Mikela Hallmark commented “We built a great office in Atlanta, GA and realized that many working professionals want quality counselors who are available for virtual appointments. With their busy lives, they enjoy being able to avoid the traffic, and fit sessions in when it’s convenient for them.’ We’ve launched the website, and now we’re recruiting talented counselors to join our team.

Per the press release: The addition of the new virtual location will allow Rise Counseling Bethesda to bring their therapeutic services to more people in need of support. They offer individual counseling, couples counseling, as well as anxiety therapy.  ‘We’re pretty passionate about helping high achievers get the support they need to reduce anxiety and increase sense of connectedness, and this virtual office allows us to expand our reach’, said Hallmark. The Rise Counseling Bethesda virtual therapy practice is now hiring therapists and will soon be accepting new clients.

What makes Rise Counseling Bethesda unique, is it is 100% virtual. This means therapists and clients will meet through a video call platform, instead of in person in an office. Since the pandemic, it seems many practitioners have moved to online services to some capacity. Hallmark added ‘Many working professionals have let us know that they value the convenience that our virtual offices provide.’

More people continue to seek treatment for mental health conditions, especially depression and anxiety, since the pandemic. Hallmark shared ‘we’ve definitely seen many people struggling with anxiety and trauma as a result of what the world went through in the last few years.’ Fortunately, Telehealth and Teletherapy has been shown to be just as effective as in-person therapy. Mikela Hallmark is excited to bring online therapy for high achievers to Bethesda. She stated ‘This is our passion. We love giving people access to quality counseling that helps improve their lives and relationships.’

To schedule Bethesda Anxiety therapy, please visit  for convenient online booking.


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