Vote on Vaccine Requirement (Passport) Will Not Happen Tomorrow; Additional Notes From Today’s Council Media Briefing

by Patrick Herron

During today’s Montgomery County Council media briefing, Council President Gabe Albornoz and Vice President Evan Glass discussed Friday’s shooting at Magruder High School as well as tomorrow’s Board of Health meeting.

Magruder Shooting:
-Friday’s shooting at Magruder was the first active shooting incident in the history of MCPS.

-Thanked first responders who acted quickly as it was happening, as well as the faculty and staff.

-In the very near future, the Council will evaluate what worked and what didn’t work during the incident, and apply that moving forward.

-Council expects to receive more information soon, a press conference will be held at Magruder High School today at 3pm.

-Mental health issues in our schools are reaching crisis levels.

-Council is evaluating current safety and security policies. The shooting does raise questions about policies that have been recently enacted.

-The issue of ghost guns is a new and emerging  issue that is incredibly terrifying.  In April, the Council approved a bill that prohibits the use and sale of unserialized and undetectable firearms.

-Guns are getting in the hands of children, mentioning an incident that occurred last year at Plumgar Community
Center in Germantown
where four people were shot by a 14-year-old with a ghost gun.

-A conversation on SRO’s is warranted. Decision would be made by County Executive Elrich and Interim Superintendent McKnight.

Mask Mandate/Vaccine Mandate: 
-County Council, sitting as Board of Health, will meet tomorrow to vote on extending the mask mandate, possibly until the end of February.

-COVID-19 numbers are improving

-Third work session on vaccine mandate (passport) will happen at tomorrow’s meeting.

-Albornoz does not believe a vote will take place tomorrow, the Council still has many questions that have not been answered and Council is unsure whether or not this is the right tool given high vaccination rates and breakthrough cases.

-Not confident the “passport”  is the right tool


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