Wawa Receives Final Approval From Gaithersburg City Council

Back in May we broke the news of Wawa opening its first Montgomery County location. Back in July we were able to view the Schematic Development Plan submitted for approval for the construction of the new 5,060 square foot Wawa at 405 South Frederick Ave, the old Becraft Antiques location, in Gaithersburg.

Last night at the Gaithersburg City Mayor & Council meeting, Wawa received final council approval. They will still have to get their final site plan approved by the Planning Commission, which is a normal part of the process.

8 Comments on "Wawa Receives Final Approval From Gaithersburg City Council"

  1. And every house in Deer Park loses 15% of it’s value.

  2. Let’s hope this goes through in the unfriendly business community called Montgomery County. This County is losing ground to Northern, VA. We likely won’t catch up, but we have to start someplace. I for one look forward to the coffee and gas pumps……

    • “Unfriendly” business community?? MoCo is second only to Northern VA when it comes to the development craze. I’d rather Montgomery County DIDN’T look like NoVA.

  3. About time! Looking forward to good quality rolls, hoagies and coffee!

  4. Let’s see a lot more variety in businesses here in Gaithersburg and especially Germantown! All the good variety of restaurants are in Frederick and most of us drive there once or twice a week just for that variety!

  5. Oh gosh. That’s gonna look awful and the traffic!!!

  6. So unfortunate having a gas station 120 feet from a residential house, across a school and a park. Environmental, traffic and business factors and still Gaithersburg approved such business. Such a disappointment.

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