Wednesday, 12/16 Storm (Tuesday Morning Update)

by MCS Staff

Wednesday, 12/16 Storm (Tuesday Morning Update)

A Winter Storm Watch remains in effect for our area as we are now one day away from the wintry weather.

The local news outlets seem to be agreeing on a general 1-3” for S/SE MoCo and 3-6” for N/NW MoCo. WUSA9 has a little less, and NBC4 has a little more.

The National Weather Service (seen in our featured photo) still has higher totals as S/SE MoCo is at 4-6” and N/NW MoCo is at 8-12.”

Things should start off as light snow in the late morning hours before becoming heavier in the late afternoon. We will likely see ice mix in as we move into Wednesday evening and rain could start to creep up into S/SE MoCo on Wednesday night before everything switches back over to the icy mix and ends as snow.

As always, it’s about the rain/snow line. If temps are colder than forecasted we can see a “boom scenario” that could double projected snow totals. If temps are as advertised, we likely see the ranges most of the news stations are predicting, and if temps are warmer than expected, you cut those totals in half.

The short range models will be relevant today so we’ll have a couple updates for you as the storm approaches.

Here is what MCPS plans to do for inclement weather during virtual learning.


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