Wednesday Morning Update on Potential Winter Storm Friday Into Saturday

by MCS Staff

The National Weather Service has released its first maps regarding potential snowfall this Friday into Saturday. (At approximately 4:30am and updated at 9:30am).

The expected snowfall map MoCo shows 2-3 inches for almost all of MoCo with just a few areas at 3-4 inches:

The “reasonable worst case scenario” map shows an area-wide 6 inches for MoCo.

The “low end amount” shows no snow.


So we’re supposed to get 0-6 inches? You can look at it that way…or you can look at it as different scenarios that could occur, some more likely than others, according to the information available at the moment.

I understand the frustration, but that’s just what it is, and here’s why:

The Euro, which has a big shift west yesterday moved things east just a bit. It’s now showing about 2-4 for us. The GFS isn’t bringing as much, showing about 1-3 inches for our area. Today’s runs, which usually are the last to show any major shifts, are very important in giving a better idea of what could happen.

We’ll continue to monitor and provide an update later this evening.





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