What’s Still Open Inside Lakeforest Mall

What’s Still Open Inside Lakeforest Mall

These days Lakeforest Mall isn’t doing so well.  The most common response we get whenever we post about it is, “I didn’t think that mall was still open”.  Yes, it is open, and there are still over forty retailers open for business inside.

The most recent update on the redevelopment of the mall is that on August 16, the Gaithersburg Mayor and City Council adopted the most recent Lakeforest Mall Master Plan Amendment.  According to Gaithersburg Mayor Jud Ashman, “A lot of things have to come together for a redevelopment to happen, but what we’re doing with this Master Plan update is laying the groundwork for it”.
Read more about that here.

Below is a list of what was open, and a few photos, from when we stopped by on September 5, 2021:


  • Charly’s Philly Steaks
  • Kelly’s Cajun Grill
  • Nori Japan
  • Pollo Campero
  • Rita’s Lower Level:
  • Aeropostale
  • Allure Jewelers
  • Bath & Bodyworks
  • Beautiful U (eyebrows, waxing)
  • Central Newsstand
  • Champs Sports
  • Damian Style (clothing)
  • Dollar Up
  • DTLR (clothing)
  • Finish Line (shoes)
  • French Perfume
  • Hakky Shoe Repair
  • Home Décor & More
  • Photo Forever
  • Metro by TMobile
  • Rainbow (clothing)
  • Spencer Gifts
  • Test America
  • Time Out Zone I & II (mini arcades)
  • Walden JewelersUpper Level:
  • Charile Fashions (clothing)
  • Claire’s
  • Class Act (dresses)
  • Essie Allen (clothing)
  • Grace’s Place (eyebrows, manicures)
  • JW Event Center (party rentals)
  • Lens Crafters
  • Macy’s / Macy’s Backstagre
  • Style One (clothing)
  • TMobile
  • Trade My Cell

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  1. '
  2. Finish line is not open

  3. John Majane III | September 6, 2021 at 9:42 am | Reply

    Stopped going when people were getting robbed in the parking lots. Last time I was there most of the stores had nothing appealing and it felt more like a park with people milling about not buying anything. We do most of our shopping on line now, were doing it before Covid.

  4. You forgot us, and we actually draw a crowd. Our next fashion bazaar event September 18-19.

  5. Thanks for this listing of the remaining stores. I had been wondering what was left at the mall besides Macy’s. It’s so sad to witness a dying mall that you’ve visited most of your adult life.

  6. Did Hakky relocate?

  7. No more Texas BBQ Factory seems.

  8. Having moved to Gaithersburg decades back in order to raise a family in what at the time was the topped ranked public school system in this country, what I have seen since then is a steady decline in education (now having dropped hundreds of rankings), and incentives to illegal immigrants to do that and move here. At the same time the county has incentivized business to emigrate to friendlier counties, which is plain to see from the long term and steady increase in vacant retail and office space throughout the county. The folk that vote for and empower the virtue signaling politicians that did those and other malign things, proclaimed their good will to those immigrants. Then without introspection they looked around at those around them when shopping at Lakeforest Mall, who were increasingly the very latinos that they encouraged to come here, and decided to do their shopping elsewhere, principally at Montgomery mall which had shoppers that happened to look more like themselves. Oops so now Lakeforest about gone, and those that voted for MoCo’s demise have fewer options and likely cannot connect their prior voting patterns to today’s result. Pathetic.

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