Wheaton High School Hosts Unified Field Day in Honor of Sarah Gilbert on Tuesday, May 23; Einstein, Kennedy, and Springbrook Will Also Participate In The Event

by MCS Staff

After the unexpected passing of Wheaton High School LFI student Sarah Gilbert, the school wanted to honor her and her memory by having general ed students, SCB, and LFI students all working together for inclusion in their Unified Field Day event that will take place on Tuesday, May 23. Sarah is fondly remembered as always wanting to be included in every activity and every conversation.

In 2019, Wheaton High School staff wanted to have an event to showcase School Community Based (SBC) and Learning For Independence (LFI) students’ talents in a way that would bring the community together.  Planning took place, however the pandemic came and shut everything down. Now, a few years later, nearby schools Springbrook, Kennedy, and Einstein have enthusiastically accepted Wheaton’s invitation to join in the excitement! For the past 6 weeks, students from leadership classes have been working with and coaching students in the SCB and LFI programs with their events.

Track Events Field Events
1.       Wheelchair obstacle course

2.       Level 4 25 dash / walk

3.       Level 3 25 dash

4.       Level 2 25 dash

5.       Level 1 25 dash

6.       400 walk

7.       400 dash

8.       Level 4 50 dash/walk

9.       Level 3 50 dash/walk

10.   200 walk

11.   200 dash

12.   100 dash levels 1 and 2

13.   4×100 walk relay (level 1, level 1 and 2, level 3/4 )

14.   4×100 dash relay (level 1, level 1 and 2, level 3/4 )

1.       Level 1 softball

2.       Level 2 softball

3.       Level 3 softball/tennis

4.       Level 4 softball/tennis

5.       Level 1 and 2 Jumps

6.       Noodle Javelin

7.       Frisbee

“As the school year closes, we find events such as these a great way for our students to leave feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.  This has been such a team effort to plan an event like this and we hope to be able to continue this tradition for years to come.”


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