Wheaton Restaurants and Residents Create Petition to Keep Wheaton Streetery Permanently

by MCS Staff

Last summer, the Wheaton Streetery was created so that people can enjoy restaurants in downtown Wheaton while while remaining outside during the pandemic that closed indoor dining.

Sections of Price Ave. and Elkins St. were closed to vehicular traffic as restaurants set up seating on sidewalks and into the closed roadways.

The Streetery was a hit and both restaurants and residents are clamoring for it to become permanent.

A petition was created by “Wheaton Restaurants” three days ago on change.org and, as of 11:45am today, received over 370 signatures.

The petition can be seen/signed in this link and reads the following:

Everyone in Wheaton, MD loves the Streetery!  It has been a lifesaver for the restaurants, and the County has approved keeping it going through the summer.  Making it permanent will ensure there is outdoor seating for those who are not comfortable dining indoors.  This is a good thing for the public and the restaurants and a great thing for the restaurant employees!

Keeping the Streetery going year-end would be a good thing for the government as well.  The sales tax generated by the Streetery is way more than the metered parking.

There have been plans on file with the County planning department for more than 10 years that would turn this cool little corner of Wheaton into a pedestrian zone.  Making the Streetery permanent is a step in that direction.

Please sign our petition today.  Thank you!”



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