White’s Ferry Negotiations “Moving into a New and Hopeful Phase” According to Report

by MCS Staff

A recent report from the Monocacy Monocle states that negotiations to re-open White’s Ferry are “moving into a new and hopeful phase”, according to discussions between the Loudoun County attorney Leo Rogers and White’s Ferry owner Chuck Kuhn.

According to the report, Loudoun County attorney Leo Rogers states that “the county (Montgomery) is proposing the purchase of the ferry landing, a right of way for a bike trail, room to expand the ferry landing and White’s Ferry Road, along with other transportation initiatives.”

Poolesville’s Fair Access Committee, has provided us with a statement based on the recent news of potential progress:

“The editor of the local paper The Monocle published a short piece online suggesting that there may be some movement towards a resolution of the White’s Ferry impasse.  While nothing has been confirmed by Loudoun County officials if true, it could not come a moment too soon. 

The prolonged cutoff of Pooleville’s “main street” due to the Ferry’s closure has had serious impacts on the lives of citizens and the operations of Poolesville area businesses.  The “human” element in this story can too easily be forgotten.”

– Fair Access Committee Chairperson Link Hoewing

We recapped the saga of White’s Ferry from it’s closing to late 2021. While things are looking a bit more hopeful than they were before, many await a solution.


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