Woman Falls into Manhole in Cabin John

by MCS Staff

Woman Falls into Manhole in Cabin John

A woman out for a walk on 79th Place off of MacArthur Boulevard in Cabin John fell into an manhole because its cover was missing.

She called 911 at about 9:25 Wednesday evening but was able to self extricate from the hole and refused medical treatment.

Montgomery County Police has an Officer on scene, and the Montgomery County Department of Transportation has a crew en route to provide at least a temporary cover for the manhole.

It is unclear how the manhole became uncovered but it possibly was dislodged by a snowplow.

Manhole covers, usually made out of cast iron, can weigh anywhere from 20 to 300 pounds depending on their diameter and thickness.

By Cordell Pugh


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Maurice Brown July 25, 2021 - 9:28 pm

Living out in Montgomery county Texas. I grew up in Montgomery County Maryland. I was searching for initials they used to have on man hole covers back east, because friends and I called our selves sewer rats something or other , don’t recall the last letter. That’s how I found this news. I had a friend who I heard was living in Cabin John. I lost her number when I moved west in 1987. If Beth Beuttenmuller from Einstein sees this, Hi, I’m on face book by my name. I hope the woman who fell is ok.


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