XO Pho & Grill Now Open

by Francesca Luca

XO Pho & Grill has recently joined T-swirl Crepe at 313 N Washington St in Rockville. T-swirl Crepe has been at the location since April of 2019 with XO Pho & Grill joining a few weeks back.

The XO Pho & Grill menu offers unique pho pairings such as the Pho XO Live Lobster Raptor T Rex (featured photo), a dish made to be shared that includes “Live Lobster, Shrimp Balls, and Prime Beef Ribs”. The Pho XO Snow Crab Legs Prime Beef Ribs is another dish to be shared that includes “Alaska Snow Crab Legs, Shrimp Balls, Prime Beef Ribs”.

About T-Swirl: “T-swirl Crêpe began from a simple idea found on the streets of Tokyo. Inspired by the Japanese Crepe, T-swirl refined and opened its first crêperie in NY. We experienced success due to our product and a strong emphasis of customer satisfaction.”


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