Yannick Deumeni Ngaleu: The Hero Who Died on His 21st Birthday Helping Save a Father and Son

by MCS Staff

Yannick Deumeni Ngaleu died on his 21st birthday after he helped save a child who was caught in a rip current. According to a fundraiser created by Yannick’s family, he was able to successfully help the child get out and went back into the water help the child’s father. After helping the child’s father get out, Yannick disappeared under the water on the afternoon of Monday, June 13th, Yannick’s birthday, at approximately 3pm.

Chief Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard of Myrtle Beach said the body of the 21 year old man was recovered at approximately 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 14th. Yannick was a Silver Spring resident who grew up in the area and graduated from Springbrook High School. His brother, Thierry Pouassi Ngaleu, started a fundraiser just over a day ago to help his family send Yannick’s body back to his birthplace of Cameroon. Nearly $30,000 have been raised for the young man who died a hero.

From the GoFundMe: “Yannick was born June 13, 2001 and God decided to bring him back home on June 13, 2022. Yannick was a selfless, funny, caring and loved individual. He was always the life of the party, always making jokes and had an amazing personality. He was always willing to help anyone that he could. He had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, and each day he would get up and work towards making his dreams come true.
He left behind his twin sister, family, friends and loved ones. He was born in Cameroon and that’s where he will be buried. We are asking for donations to assist with returning his body back to Cameroon. Yannick was a truly loved individual with an amazing heart. He will truly be missed.”
“…My family wanted me to set up this GoFundMe because Yannick was a well loved person and people were asking how they can help and contribute. We will be using the funds to assist with the cost of the funeral arrangements as well as the cost to help ship his body back to his birth place (Cameroon).”

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