You Know You’re From MoCo If…

by MCS Staff
We know that not everyone will be able to relate to all of these because all of them won’t apply to every age group, but if you’re from Montgomery County, MD., I’m sure there’s something here for you.

You know you’re from MoCo if…

You know that Rockville Pike, 355, Hungerford, Wisconsin, and Frederick Ave are the same road…but also not.

You’ve experienced rain, snow, below freezing/above 70 degree temperatures, and plenty of sunshine in the same week.

​The “bad” parts of the county are still more expensive than 95% of America.

​You have to wait until 5AM, the morning of, to find out if schools are closed due to winter weather.

Some people consider your school “bad,” but it’s still one of the best schools in the country.

​You know that Beverly Hills 90210 was originally going to be called Potomac 20854 because the creator went to Churchill.

You’ve played indoor soccer at The Corner Kick in Gaithersburg (we miss it).

You’ve fed this pig your trash at Cabin John Park.

You follow MoCoSnow.

You referred to the LDS Temple as Disney World (younger folks) or Oz (slightly less younger folks).

You’ve gotten multiple speed camera tickets, but still get mad when people go extra slow when there’s a camera.

You’ve experienced the red line.

You’ve hit Tastee Diner in Bethesda/Silver Spring or Denny’s in Montgomery Village late night

You miss Sir Walter Raleigh, The Golden Bull, Chris’ Steakhouse, Anchor Inn, Little Tavern, O’Donnell’s, Roy’s Place, and so many more great restaurants.

You referred to your community college as “Harvard on the Pike” or “M.K.”

Rio, Downtown Silver Spring, or Rockville Town Center are the places to be when the weather is nice.

You complain about how bad people drive when it snows, but want to be off of work/school when there’s flurries.

You go to the county fair in August.

You’ve had a birthday at Wheaton Regional Park.

You know that North Bethesda and North Potomac are really just Rockville and Gaithersburg.

You used to get Cider from The Cider Barrel (or wondered what that big red, white, and blue barrel on the side of 355 in Germantown is if you’re younger).

Blackfinn was the go-to spot in Bethesda.

You would NEVER add an ‘s’ to the end of “Silver Spring.”

You get ice cream at LEAST once every summer from Jimmie Cone.

Every one of your friends has a different “favorite team.”

You went to go to Clyde’s for half price wine night on Monday.


You know Tiki in the Kentlands was the spot on Thursdays.

You went to half price pizza nights at Stained Glass Pub or Sole D’talia.

You have 6 friends that are rappers, 11 are photographers, 4 model, and 17 do makeup on the side.

You’ve driven through Potomac in the winter just to look at the Christmas lights at the big houses.

You used to go to Joe’s Crab Shack on Wednesday nights.

You prefer Montgomery Donuts over every other kind.

You were kind of sad when White Flint closed, but barely ever actually went there.

You’ve danced with or around the senior citizen gentleman while out in Bethesda (not an actual picture of the gentleman below).

​You know that Wheaton Mall used to be an outdoor mall called Wheaton Plaza.

You didn’t think a .5 cent bag tax would keep you from using a plastic bag, but sometimes…it kind of does.

You remember when Lakeforest Mall was a pretty good Mall.

You remember the Drive-In movie theater in Rockville.

​”Surrender Dorothy” has a special meaning to you.

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

You lived near Lakeforest Mall, Wheaton Plaza/Mall, or White Flint, but still went to Montgomery Mall when it was time to get serious.

You dodged white vans and zigzagged while walking to your car for a few weeks in 2002…R.I.P. to those that were killed by the D.C. sniper.

​Brought to you by Congressional Insurance Associates.


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Wasted Knight February 22, 2020 - 9:24 am

Pop’s Pizza ‘back door specials’, ShortStop Diner, Town & Country Inn, All States Inn and cabins at corner of Shady Grove and 355, Little Pigs, Hash Brothers, Pancake Cottage, Fat Man’s Pizza, Tuffy Lemans Bowling. Do you remember these?


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