Zengo Cycle Announces Closure of All Locations

Zengo Cycle Announces Closure of All Locations

A little while ago, we let you know that Zengo Cycle had removed their signage from their Kentlands location.

Yesterday, Zengo Cycle released a statement on their social media announcing the permanent closure of all their locations. In this statement, they thanked all guests and employees for their support during the eleven years that Zengo Cycle was around.

They also mentioned that they had filed for chapter 11 and were hoping to restructure, but that the pandemic ultimately made it impossible for them to survive.

Despite pausing classes at their remaining studios (Bethesda, DC, and Fairfax), they were offering pop up cycling events at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda.

Zengo Cycle was best known for being “the first dedicated indoor cycling studio in the Washington DC area to offer a fitness experience at this level of intimacy and intensity” according to their website.

Their statement in full, per their instagram:

to all our valued staff, riders and friends,

it is with great sadness that we announce the closing of zengo cycle. we want to thank all of our wonderful guests and employees for supporting us over these past 11 years. what began as a little fitness idea grew into a place that had welcomed tens of thousands of guests and employed almost a thousand people over the years. we are extremely humbled that so many embraced us and that we were able to succeed as long as we had. we could not have done it without all of you. unfortunately the pandemic proved to be our demise and while we had embraced a restructuring under chapter 11 the courts felt that we needed to close doors and we were placed in chapter 7 liquidation.

we all mourn the loss of our favorite neighborhood places for they provide us with so much more than just products and services. they provide nourishment for our soul and when they are gone, much of the soul of the neighborhoods in which they resided are gone as well. we’ll miss seeing our favorite instructors who remember our birthdays, chatting with our favorite front desk staff, reserving that special bike which makes us most comfortable, and talking to other riders about music and life in general. all these small gestures that make us feel at home in our neighborhood will be missing. we’ve enjoyed being a gathering place to share accounts of our days, to celebrate big events in our lives, to make new friends, and most importantly to sweat together.

we encourage you to follow and check in with your favorite instructors, and we hope to be back some day in a new way, shape or form. until then be safe.

Featured photo courtesy of Zengo Cycle’s Instagram.

By Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay


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