MoCo Hidden Gems

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at the place, but the Sunshine General Store, located in Brookeville (between Olney and Damascus) has one of the best tasting burgers I’ve ever had.

Every year you see all of these pictures of people standing in beautiful sunflower fields. Not everyone knows that they’re located just a few miles away. Check out in May for more information on the 2016 sunflower fields.

Giuseppi’s should be near the top of everyone’s list when it comes to great tasting pizza, but not many are aware of their special that gets you 2 pretty big slices and a drink for just $5.25! Whether it’s lunch or dinner, that’s tough to beat.

Pro Tip: Ask for a side of ranch for dipping purposes…trust me.

When I think crepes, I usually go with the sweet ones, but they have plenty of savory selections as well. strawberry, Nutella, and banana is one of their most popular crepes, but I always recommend adding white chocolate to anything you choose. 

Zip-line through breathtaking scenery, treetop high wire,  and tricky crossings (using ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and super-strong wire). This place has it all. Go with adult friends or choose the junior adventure for the kids.

Here is part of the description from the Montgomery Parks website: The seasonal display features hundreds of live butterflies from all over the world. Families, students, nature lovers, and everyone in between can get an up close experience of these brilliant butterflies from North America, Costa Rica, Africa and Asia as they soar among colorful flowers.

I couldn’t find my picture of the pupusas from Los Chorros, so this stock picture will have to suffice. These are the best i’ve ever had…and i’m not a pupusa guy. A pupusa is a traditional Salvadorian dish that is similar to a corn tortilla and usually stuffed with cheese, beans, or meat. You have to give them a shot!

You can enjoy the beautiful 75-acre Lake Needwood in rental kayaks, rowboats, canoes or pedal boats…with your DOG!

You can even go fishing with your dog on board. Lots of fun and highly recommended.

If you’re into coffee, and you want to try something different, you have to check out the Frappe at Trapezaria in Rockville Town Center. Refreshing, light, and will give you the pick-me-up you need!

There have been times I’ve made the drive out to Damascus just to grab a swirl cone with rainbow jimmies. If you’re ever in the area, you have to check it out!

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