Make an Impact Through Business: A Teen’s Guide to Entrepreneurship was released on July 18 by two rising seniors at Winston Churhill High School.  According to co-author Amanda Kossof, “Every teen is capable of creating their own impactful thriving business, company, or organization. All they need is guidance, and that’s exactly why Luna and I co-authored Make an Impact Through Business. It is all about spreading business education and promoting youth entrepreneurship. We broke down every step of the process, from getting funding to managing time to filing nonprofit registration papers and much, much more! ” The book is available for purchase through Amazon.

Many Generation Z teens have the qualities necessary to become entrepreneurs but are not sure where to start. High school students Amanda Kossoff and Luna Wang from Montgomery County, Maryland, took on the challenge to bridge the knowledge gap and launched a 150-page workbook, Make An Impact Through Business: A Teen’s Guide to Entrepreneurship, helping teens turn their passions into real impact. 

Make an Impact Through Business breaks down the complicated entrepreneurship process into small steps that are more comprehensible and manageable. This new book, featuring the authors’ journey and advice, is an invaluable treasure trove of up-to-date resources and personal insights all in one place! Jam-packed with easy-to-implement tasks and write-in activities, you’ll quite literally work through the entrepreneurial world. 

Starting from the ground up, Make an Impact Through Business prepares new entrepreneurs from building a preserver mindset, to generating momentous strategies, to nailing down communication, to learning from other wonderful teentrepreneurs. Breaking down the 501(c)(3) registration process to complex business jargon, Make an Impact has got business down to a science: perfect for teenagers getting their feet wet in entrepreneurship. 

Beyond the content, Luna and Amanda made youth entrepreneurship even more accessible through building a free Opportunity Bank with tons of educational and supplemental resources. The co-authors created [email protected] for any teens to reach out for personalized advice and feedback along their venture-creating process. On top of that, Luna and Amanda are donating 50% of book proceeds to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, also referred to as NFTE, an international nonprofit organization providing entrepreneurship training and educational programs to middle and high school students, college students, and adults. It is all about encouraging youth entrepreneurship and making an impact. 

“I wish Make an Impact Through Business had been around when I was a teenager! It is actually a fantastic business book for anyone, but especially captivating for teens who want to make a positive difference in the world,” said Jamie Ratner, Founder and CEO of CertifiKID, Author of ParentPreneurs.  

From day one of dreaming until your venture takes off, Make An Impact Through Business: A Teen’s Guide to Entrepreneurship will guide you on an exciting journey that’ll certainly leave a positive impact on society. 





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