Montgomery County 911 Call Taker Recognized for Helping Gaithersburg Couple Deliver Baby

Featured Photo Courtesy of Montgomery County Police

Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) Director Cassandra Onley says the ECC received and processed more than 727,000 calls for service in 2020 alone. However, just one of those call has Public Safety Emergency Communications Specialist (Call Taker/Dispatcher) Cameron Ivory saying he’ll remember it forever.

Around 8:17PM on November 13th, 2020, Ivory answered a call from a Gaithersburg man reporting his wife was in labor and delivery was imminent. Ivory talked the caller through the successful home delivery of the baby. Recently, Ivory and the family were able to virtually reunite via Facetime. Baby Isabella and family are all doing well!

A video about Cameron Ivory’s help with the delivery can be seen here.




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