Massachusetts Biotech Company Opening Cancer Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility in Rockville

TCR² Therapeutics Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts is opening a new cell therapy manufacturing facility at the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center in Rockville.

TCR² is a clinical cell therapy company developing novel T cell therapies for cancer patients suffering from solid tumors or hematological malignancies.

In a written release, Dr. Garry Menzel, President and Chief Executive Officer of TCR² Therapeutics, said, “After observing the consistent early clinical benefit and manageable safety profile experienced by patients,…we committed to securing a dedicated U.S. manufacturing facility as the first step in building a regional network to supply cancer patients with our therapies.”

According to their release, TCR²’s “85,000 square foot [Shady Grove] facility constructed by Alexandria Real Estate Equities will provide space for commercial and clinical manufacturing, quality control laboratories and offices upon completion.”

The new facility is expected to support production to treat several thousand cancer patients annually.




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