Quincy’s Potomac and FoodPRO Make $7,500 Donation to Sgt. Patrick Kepp, Who Lost His Legs After Being Intentionally Struck By Driver Earlier This Year

Marty Magill, the owner of Quincy’s Potomac, and FoodPRO, led by President Scott Brunk, have united to provide crucial support to provide a $7,500 contribution Sgt. Patrick Kepp. Sgt. Kepp lost both of his legs after he was intentionally struck by a driver after getting out of his vehicle to deploy “stop sticks” near the Watkins Mill Rd exit on northbound I-270 after a citizen was almost run off the road by the driver.

Per Quincy’s and FoodPRO, “Recognizing Officer Kepp’s selfless act and unwavering commitment to public safety, Quincy’s Potomac and FoodPRO proudly presented a combined contribution of $7,500 to Officer Patrick Kepp’s colleagues on Monday, December 18th. This generous donation is intended to assist Officer Kepp in his journey to recovery and rehabilitation.The collaborative effort between Quincy’s Potomac and FoodPRO is a testament to the strength of the community and the shared values of supporting those who risk their lives to protect and serve. The presentation of the $7,500 donation occurred on Monday, December 18th, symbolizing the unity and compassion that binds the community together.

Quincy’s Potomac, a stalwart in the community under the ownership of Marty Magill, believes in the power of collective action and community support. Marty Magill, along with Scott Brunk, President of FoodPRO, spearheaded the effort to present the donation to Officer Kepp’s colleagues. Marty Magill shared his sentiments, stating, “I have had many great moments in my life but none as great as today. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to do something nice for someone. I take great pleasure in making people feel good. Thanks to all for the opportunity today and for being a part of the greatest day of my life.”

Scott Brunk added, “The world needs more people like Officer Kepp who care so much for others. I would love to meet him one day to shake his hand and thank him for his service.” The donation ceremony, held on Monday, December 18th, not only symbolizes financial support but also reflects the community’s gratitude for Officer Kepp’s service and sacrifice. Quincy’s Potomac and FoodPRO express their deepest appreciation for Officer Patrick Kepp’s bravery and resilience.”

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