A Visit to Maryland’s Viral “Dr. Earwax” (WARNING: Ear Wax Removal Pictures)

On Monday morning, the day after the Super Bowl, I took a trip to the viral “Dr. Earwax” (Dr. Emily Taylor) for an ear cleaning that involved the removal of impacted cerumen (ear wax) from my ear canal. Dr. Earwax has gained over a million followers on TikTok and over 160k on Instagram for her safe earwax removal methods.

Dr. Emily J. Taylor, AuD., FAAA earned her Bachelor of Arts in Hearing and Speech Sciences from The University of Maryland and a Doctorate of Audiology from Towson University. She specializes in diagnostic audiology and has experience working with all age groups, so she’s the real deal in addition to the content that has gained popularity on social media.

Here’s a little background on why I visited: Growing up, I used Q-tips to clean my ear canals and as I got older they would only push the natural ear wax my ear produced further in. Water would frequently get stuck between the impacted cerumen (ear wax) and my ear drum and sometimes I’d have clogged ears for multiple days at a time. I tried removing some of the impacted cerumen (ear wax) with drops and other doctor recommended techniques, but have never been able to get it done myself so I finally decided to get them professionally cleaned.

Upon watching a few dozen of her videos online and realizing that she was located in Pikesville, MD., less than 35 miles away from my home in Montgomery County, I filled out the form on her website on Wednesday night and received a call on Thursday morning. After a brief two minute phone call, the appointment was set for Monday morning.

I was emailed some pre-appointment paperwork that allowed me to indicate that I would be comfortable filming my session (it’s not required, but I wanted to document everything so it worked out perfectly for me). On Monday, I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment and sat in the waiting area until my appointment time. I was seen at the exact time of my appointment and any nerves I had about the upcoming process were put to rest with the conversation I had with Dr. Taylor. We took a look inside my ears and this is what we saw:

Right ear before the cleaning

That’s a huge ball of ear wax, more than what’s supposed to be in there, just sitting in my ear canal. When water would get behind that, my life would be miserable for anywhere from a couple minutes to a few days, and seeing it just confirmed I wanted to have it removed. Dr. Taylor explained that she would be using the earigator- a tool that gently flushes warm water into your ear canal to flush out any large chunks of wax.

I sat down and held the little container that the water, and hopefully the ear wax, would fall into as my ear gets flushed. My only concern at this time was that the water would get behind the wax without removing it, but I trusted the process. When the water gets into your ear, you feel the slightest bit of pressure, but no pain and no discomfort at all. Within 30 seconds, most of the wax from my right ear had been washed right out. A small chunk that remained was removed by a small tweezer-like tool.

The biggest chunk (right ear)

My left ear took a little bit longer, about a minute total, to clean out. It looked nearly identical to my right ear before the cleaning, but the chunks were broken down in smaller pieces so I don’t have a large hunk of ear wax to circle in a picture for you.

Left ear

While other tools may be used during your ear canal cleaning appointment (suction, etc.), the main tool used for mine was the earigator. As I mentioned earlier, there was no pain or discomfort, and it actually kind of felt pretty good when the water was flushing out my ear. After each ear was cleaned, I certainly felt like my hearing was a little more “crisp”- almost like my hearing was the equivalent of HD or something.

The procedure itself costs $125 and I would recommend it if you’ve had problem with clogged ears at any point in the past. For me, having a professional clean my ears rather than risking doing it incorrectly myself was a big part of why I decided to take the trip. Everyone at the office was great and the three or four other people who were there while I was, were there for other services and had great interactions with the staff. Check out a picture of my clean ear canal below.

Mr. MoCo and Dr. Earwax
Clean ear canal

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