Bethesda Bakery Selling Chocolate Covered Cicadas


Bethesda Bakery Selling Chocolate Covered Cicadas

Chouquette Chocolate in Bethesda, MD is now selling chocolate covered cicadas through their website at

The chocolate covered cicadas, which can only be ordered online, will cost you $18 for a dozen and come in either milk chocolate w/ bay spice or dark chocolate with cinnamon.

From their website:
“Love them or hate them, Brood X is here..  Cicada Summer 2021 Tour.  Lean In to the invasion and Celebrate the 17 year cycle.

NOT A JOKE – these are REAL Brood X cicadas – currently gathered from Silver Spring, Gaithersburg and Potomac MD.  We gather the cicadas as they shed from their exoskeletons, and emerge as young adults.
Recipe: Gather Fresh Cicadas. Freeze. Boil. Airfry. Cinnamon Sprinkle. Cover in Chocolate.  Enjoy??
Special Order Only – 3-5 Days notice.”

If eating actual cicadas is not your thing, Chouquette also offers gourmet chocolate molded cicadas.

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