Bethesda: Mussel Bar to Close Permanently in April

by MCS Staff

Robert Wiedmaier’s Mussel Bar & Grille in Bethesda (7262 Woodmont Ave) will be closing permanently on April 9th, according to an employee of the restaurant. It was the first of multiple locations that opened in Bethesda in July of 2010. A second location opened in Atlantic City, N.J, and a third opened in Ballston. The Atlantic City location has since closed and the Ballston location remains open.

Per its website, “inspiration for Mussel Bar is an old-world Belgian roadhouse serving Bière, Moules & Frites, the kind of place where Chef in his youth would head late night to unwind with kitchen colleagues, eat simple food and listen to good music. He’s one of the first to ‘muscle’ the craze and honor his Belgian roots in the DC area with bringing the savory mollusks to the forefront of his own gastro-pubs with the original location in Bethesda, MD that opened in July, 2010.”

Coming soon in its place will be Foxtrot, “the modern corner store,” expected to open this fall.


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Ben in Silver Spring March 31, 2022 - 11:02 pm

10+ years is a good run for Bethesda. Got a little tired I guess and glad to see some new blood coming to Bethesda. Good luck Foxtrot and your upscale 7-11 concept.


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