Chapala Tex-Mex in Burtonsville to Close

by MCS Staff

Chapala Tex-Mex in Burtonsville has announced it will be ceasing operations on February 16th.

Last month we spoke with John Angel, one of the owners of the restaurant, who told us that they purchased the neighboring building that was home to Seibel’s for 82 years at 15540 Old Columbia Pike (Seibel’s closed permanently on November 28th).

He told us that they would be keeping the Chapala building and that they would not be leaving Burtonsville. In the goodbye message, seen below, Chapala Tex-Mex makes mention that they will be bringing new concepts to the spaces they have in the area (the current Chapala building and the newly purchased Seibel’s space). What that will consist of will be made more clear in the coming weeks and months.

Full announcement from Chapala:

We have a bittersweet announcement. Chapala Tex-Mex will cease operations as it exists on Feb 16th, 2022. Although we are sad to end this part of the journey, we are excited for the transition to the new concepts for the space from the same management team that brought you Chapala Tex-Mex and La Casita Pupuseria.
We want to thank each one of you for reaching out to us over the last few months offering your messages of support, we have been operating within the Burtonsville community for over 25 years and as we transition into this new phase please stay tuned on our website and social media page for updates and come along for the ride with us 🙏🏽


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Thomas Golab January 13, 2022 - 10:32 am

We liked Chapala when it first opened, then we saw ants on the walls at our table. We told our waiter and left. We figured maybe they did something about it, so we went back a couple of months later. Different table and probably different ants, but ants nonetheless. Never even went there again.


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