Christopher Bolton Joins District 5 County Council Race

by MCS Staff

Christopher Bolton, a lifelong MoCo resident who currently resides in Fairland, has announced his candidacy for County Council in District 5 (a new district in East County that spans from White Oak to Spencerville, Burtonsville, and parts of Leisure World).

Bolton is a Democrat who served in the navy for 5 years. He joins Brian Anleu, Fatmata Barrie, William “Chip” Montier, Daniel Koroma, Kristin Mink, and Jeremiah Pope in the District 5 race.

More information below, from Christopher Bolton:

“Lifelong East County resident Christopher Bolton joins the New East County Council race. Bolton a former Chair of the East County Citizens Advisory Board, current Parliamentarian of the East County Citizens Advisory Board, Co-Chair on the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force committee on policy and de-escalation, a member of the Complete Census Count Committee, and a volunteer for Maryland Medical Reserve Corps.

Bolton wants residents to know that “He has been doing the work for years to get East County heard by Elected officials”. Bolton also states that he “will not participate in public funding, nor accept money from PAC’s and Special interest groups”. “If I am going to get elected, I need to learn to use what I have, you know do more with less”. Bolton runs a Free and Reduced lunch program for 3 non-public Charter schools in Maryland and DC. 

Bolton also stated “That there is too much money in politics and that is why he is running. You call your elected officials, and you don’t get a response until something tragic happens”, “residents feel as if they aren’t important here in East County”. Residents for years have stated they must compete with the affluent parts of the county for attention” 

“You have Candidates who are raising 5 to 6 figures in donations, Bolton states. Residents ask me “who are they going to owe when they get in office, always a favor for a favor, will all that money have an impact when it’s time to get our needs heard”? Bolton states that won’t be the case with him as he will use what little money raised to make an impact and get his message out.” “You won’t have to worry about me owing anyone if I win this election.” 

Bolton also stated that Transparency will be the corner stone of his campaign, “I have nothing to hide, I am running an open campaign, not a lot of money but any information from my campaign that a voter or another campaign wants they can have it, that’s how confident I am that I am the best to represent the District.”



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