Comus Inn Temporarily Closed, Undergoing Exciting Renovations


The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson is temporarily closed after being purchased by new owners.

According to their website, they will re-open this summer after “transforming The Inn into this new, absolutely amazing, family-friendly, community-driven, agritourist destination for both dining & play!”

The new Comus Inn opened in 2004.


8 Comments on "Comus Inn Temporarily Closed, Undergoing Exciting Renovations"

  1. Um, the Comus Inn is in – get this – Comus

  2. I dont think Comus has its own zip code 20842 is Dickerson.

  3. Who cares about their address! Who bought it what’s their plan more curious about what it will and can become than a street address if it’s great peo people will find it.

  4. Exciting for those of us who live nearby! I hope it’s a little more casual. Looking for happy hour locally!

  5. Best view i have ever seen !

  6. Great views but the last iteration of the restaurant was a bit too fancy and pricey. I hope that new restaurants will be more causal and family friendly as the statement implied.

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