Governor Hogan Tells Marylanders to Blame Marc Elrich if Stuck in Traffic This Weekend

by Patrick Herron

Governor Hogan Tells Marylanders to Blame Marc Elrich if Stuck in Traffic This Weekend

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan posted the following image today on his Facebook and Instagram accounts with this caption:

“If you’re stuck in traffic this weekend, don’t forget that Montgomery county politicians County Executive Marc Elrich, State Delegate Marc Korman, and County Councilman Tom Hucker are blocking our efforts to fix Maryland’s traffic crisis. Instead of offering solutions, they’re playing politics with the project to rebuild and widen the American Legion Bridge, putting at risk every single project in their region. Demand that they support the Traffic Relief Plan.”

County Executive Marc Elrich opposes widening 495/270 and adding toll lanes. Elrich released the following statement back in May when MDOT announced that plans to widen the beltway will end at the 270-495 spur will not move forward.

Statement from Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich on the I-495 Decision

For Immediate Release: Wednesday 12 May

From my first day as County Executive, I have asked the Governor to take a different approach toward his plans for I-270 and Beltway expansion. I am pleased that today’s announcement changes the Recommended Preferred Alternative to “No Action” for I-495 east of Old Georgetown Road.

This change eliminates residential and commercial displacements and will be very welcome news by thousands of our concerned residents and businesses that would have been impacted. I want to thank Governor Hogan and the Maryland Department of Transportation for changing direction on this part of the project and we look forward to working with them on moving forward on a better plan to alleviate traffic and protect our environment.

Regarding the ongoing plans for Phase 1 for the American Legion bridge, I-270 and 495 west of Old Georgetown Road, I urge the State to seriously consider two reversible lanes on I-270 that flow in the direction of morning and evening rush hours. Additionally, because the plan currently stops at I-370, I am concerned that the plan will change the location of the bottlenecks rather than alleviating them. If the plan does not simultaneously address transportation up to Frederick, it will create a traffic nightmare for Montgomery County, regional, and pass-through travelers on I-270 and the Beltway. Also, because of the last 14 months of the pandemic, there is a possibility that commuting patterns will change permanently due to increased telecommuting; those issues need to be considered in the plans.



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