Normandie Farm to Hold Goodbye Event on Sunday, June 26

by MCS Staff

Normandie Farm will hold a goodbye event for Chef Cary and Mr. Kay this Sunday, June 26th. The event will take place from 5:00 – 10:00 pm. It will consist of a Station Cocktail Buffet and Cash Bar with General Admission at $30 per person at the door. “This is an Open Event, No Reservations and Depending on Weather will be Inside & Out!”

Back in January we let you know that Normandie Farm Restaurant, at 10710 Falls Rd in Potomac, announced that the current owners will be retiring and the restaurant will be temporarily closing on June 30. New ownership will be taking over and are expected to reopen the restaurant in late summer.

Normandie Farm was founded in 1931 by Marjory Hendricks in the midst of the Depression. It is one of a handful of restaurants that are still in existence from that era.

Hendricks, along with her sister, purchased the property that had been planned for a country club and built it into a restaurant that remains unsurpassed today in its ability to satisfy with fine food, wonderful wines and sterling service.

Cary Prokos started at the restaurant in 1983 as a chef. He became the sole proprietor in 2007. He announced his retirement in the following statement earlier this year:

“I have always joked that they would have to “Carry Me Out of Here in a Box!”
Now, after 39 Years and enduring the past 28 months, I have elected to walk out with my Toque Blanc On!

I am announcing my retirement from Normandie Farm and will lock the door for the last time on June 26, 2022!
Don’t expect the doors to be closed for long.
The new owners are excited to begin serving the community later this year.

What an “Awesome Gig” this has been!

I would like to thank all my Great Customers, Employees & My Family for their Support over the past 39 years!
In Addition, I owe a special thanks to  my Landlords, Normandie Farm Joint Venture, who have been so supportive through the pandemic!

It’s so very hard to say goodbye to so many memories and friends we have met during this journey.
I can assure Each of YOU, that there will be many tears as we reminisce these past 39 years of our relationships!

I came to Normandie Farm, April 1, 1983, and much to my amazement, there were no popovers!  As a child growing up in Northern VA, I was very familiar with the restaurant and its traditions.  It was easy to recognize that my first job was to develop a popover recipe, which is still in use today. In addition, I saw the potential for a grand Sunday Brunch Buffet in this Classic Dining Room which has now been known for years throughout the DMV.

As many know, I met my wife, Margery, here many years ago when she served as a cocktail waitress. We were married a few years later & having keen common sense, I renamed the Lounge “Margery’s.” My three children were welcomed into the world by many of you with kind wishes & gifts of onesies!  My youngest son, Charles, spent many a holiday helping his dad and now has graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. His older twin siblings, also have graduated from college this spring, Maria from Case Western Reserve University, and Nicholas from Christopher Newport University.  How blessed I am!

Over the years, I have seen MOCO grow up and change, and dodged numerous curves from mother nature including the 2011 earthquake which sent customers scurrying under the tables.  While many of these unexpected challenges usually came at the most inopportune time, my loyal staff and I, starting with Mr. Kay and Carlos Marquina, always did our best to ensure the safety of our customers and uninterrupted service!

Finally, over these past 6+ years, I have had the pleasure of my many talented music friends!
They have made Margery’s Lounge a special place to gather, forget our worries & just have fun!
I am so honored to have seen their weekly performances, how hard
they work in their different genres, and the respect they give to the music they play!

Needless to say, these past 28 months have been brutal, especially for restaurants.
I have survived with your and my staffs support. My Many thanks to all!

Normandie Farm will remain open for a la carte dining, music in Margery’s, Sunday Brunch, through June 26th.
I Appreciate your business and your loyal support and would love to see you before we leave!

My Thanks to All and Remember “Health is Wealth”

Chef Cary”


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