‘Summer Reading Challenge’ Held by MoCo Public Libraries Had 12,958 Participants, Helped Chesapeake Bay

by MCS Staff

The “Summer Reading Challenge” held by Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) had an enthusiastic participation level of 12,958 students ages 17-and-under. This summer’s program, under the theme of “Oceans of Possibilities,” was conducted in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), the Washington Nationals and the Friends of the Library Montgomery County (FOLMC).

The Summer Reading Challenge began on June 15, just as schools were concluding for the 2021-22 school year. In addition to encouraging students to read during the summer, the program had the additional goal of contributing to the “Save the Chesapeake Bay” efforts.

The nearly 13,000 participants went home with a complimentary book and participated in a packed calendar of almost 200 programs to complete three missions.

As participants completed missions, FOLMC made contributions to support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in the following ways:

  • Mission One: FOLMC supported the CBF in planting 500 trees along the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • Mission Two: Enabled FOLMC and the CBF to plant 250,000 oysters into the Bay.
  • Mission Three: Resulted in the restoration of healthy wildlife habitats throughout the Chesapeake Watershed.

Summer Reading Challenge participants can keep their reading momentum going this fall with MCPL programs like 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, reading lists for children and teens and events such as book groups.

“MCPL is grateful to The Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, MD and the CBF for their support of this partnership,” said MCPL Director Anita Vassallo. “We are very pleased that our young readers have made a tangible, positive impact on the local environment through their reading efforts.”


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