The DMV’s Best Burger?

by MCS Staff

The Sunshine General Store (located in Brookeville, MD, on the corner of Georgia Ave and Rt. 650) is probably not a place most people would consider stopping for, if they weren’t aware of the burgers that are made inside.

The sign on the door will remind you that cash is the only form of currency accepted. “Probably Olney or Laytonsville” is the answer you’ll hear if you ask where the closest ATM is. Update: They now accept credit cards.


You’re not going to Sunshine for the decor. The inside looks like a truck stop diner scene from an 80s movie. After passing the register you’ll see a few tables and four stools at the counter of the dining area.
​It’s not always empty…sometimes there’s even a line. Make sure to call ahead (301.774.7428) because the burgers are cooked to order and it can take a half hour (or more) for your burger to be ready.
The ladies working the grill have mastered their system. Though space is limited, they have things down to a science.
Take a stroll through the three aisles as you wait for your burger. They have some of the basics, but also a great collection of sodas and drinks (four different flavors of Mountain Dew in cans, and a lot more).
It’s a big burger. Though it’s not too difficult to finish, I recommend tackling it one half at a time…just in case. In addition to the regular toppings, I always recommend adding bacon. You can even add a fried egg if that’s your thing.
As a fun way to finish your experience…when you’re paying at the register, you’ll be faced with the challenge of resisting a time warp of candy.
The Sunshine Burger even has its own shirt!

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