Philip Kantor was sentenced today by Judge James Bonifant to 50 years (all but 20 are suspended). Canter will also remain on the sex offender registry for life. This comes after he pleaded guilty to a series of rapes that occurred between 2007-2019.

“This defendant preyed on innocent women in our community. We thank Judge Bonifant for imposing a 20 year prison sentence and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Hopefully this brings much deserved peace to the victims who bravely shared their stories so that the defendant would not be able to hurt anyone else,” said State’s Attorney John McCarthy (in featured photo).

Details of the events can be seen below, per the office of State’s Attorney John McCarthy:

On January 29, 2019, at approximately 10:00 a.m.,Victim A.J.B., an adult female, came to the Family Justice Center located at 600 Jefferson Plaza, Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland to report a rape that occurred earlier. Upon arrival, Victim A.J.B. was interviewed by Special VictimsInvestigations Division detectives and disclosed the following: 

On January 26, 2019, at approximately 9:00p.m.,Victim A.J.B. went to Clyde’s of Chevy Chase located at5441 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase Village, Montgomery County, Maryland 20815, to have dinner and listen to amusical band scheduled to play at that location. During thecourse of the evening, Victim A.J.B. consumed alcohol withher meal. Upon conclusion of the concert, at approximately11:30 p.m., Victim A.J.B. closed her bar tab and wassocializing with the musicians who performed in the concert.  Victim A.J.B. was approached by an unknown male, lateridentified as Philip Mauricio Kantor (DOB 11-03-1972).Kantor offered to purchase the musicians and Victim alcoholic beverage. Victim A.J.B. described Kantor was wearing an orange jacket, blue baseball cap, and had eyesthat appeared black in color. Victim A.J.B. described her lastmemory of the evening to be the consumption of a dark, yellow-colored liquor in a shot glass provided to her byKantor. Victim A.J.B. has no recollection of the subsequentevents that occurred at Clyde’s of Chevy Chase nor does she recall leaving the restaurant.  

Victim A.J.B. was wakened from sleep at an unknown time and saw Kantor on top of her performing vaginal intercourse without her consent.

Victim A.J.B. was completely naked and described feeling paralyzed and unable to move her body. Victim A.J.B. did not observe a condom on Kantor’s penis and felt very disoriented and unsure of where she was. Victim A.J.B. recalls that Kantor performed vaginal intercourse without her consent two times, both times while she was unable to move, and he was positioned on top ofVictim A.J.B. Victim A.J.B. described waking up again to flashes of light which she believes was Kantor photographing her naked body with a cell phone. Victim A.J.B. fell asleep again and woke at an unknown time. Victim A.J.B. was feeling very groggy and disoriented and attempted to gather her clothing but was unable to do so dueto unknown injury to her legs. Kantor assisted her in collecting her jacket, scarf, dress,stockings and boots,however, Kantor did not provide her with her black cottonunderwear, her silver iPhone 8 or her black bracelet. 

Kantor identified himself to Victim A.J.B. as “Phil”during conversation. While attempting to locate herbelongings, she observed a white envelope with the name”Phil” on the floor of the bedroom. Although the victim was notaware of her location, she described leaving the two-bedroom apartment with Kantor and observing a concierge in the lobbywhile exiting the building. Kantor and Victim A.J.B. exited thebuilding and she observed a Chipotle restaurant to her left,which Kantor entered to retrieve a pen. Kantor wrote “Phil’s”well as telephone number”305-439-4171” on a Chipotle business card and requested Victim A.J.B. call him to determine if he located her cell phone. 

On January 27, 2019, at approximately 8:00 p.m., Kantor and Victim A.J.B. walked from the Chipotle to theWhole Foods Market located at 4420 Willard Avenue, ChevyChase, Montgomery County, Maryland where Victim A.J.B.took a cab to her residence. Victim A.J.B. later responded to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital where she consented to a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE).  During theSAFE, Victim A.J.B. was found to have multiple contusions about her legs, buttocks, and back. Victim A.J.B. also hadsevere soft tissue trauma to both of her knees which were so swollen that Victim A.J.B. had difficulty standing and walking. Victim A.J.B. requested to keep her identity anonymous and not have police involvement at this time. 

Upon returning home from Shady Grove AdventistHospital, Victim A.J.B. went online to try and determine”Phil’s” full name and address.  Victim A.J.B. located anindividual on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry website named Philip Maurice Kantor (DOB: 11/13/ 1972). Victim A.J.B. positively identified the picture on the registry website as that of the person who raped her.  Kantor was on the registry for two Third Degree Sex Offense convictions involving the sexual abuse of children. 

When Victim A.J.B. identified Philip Maurice Kantor, she contacted Shady Grove Hospital and requested a police investigation. Detective Sergeant Bahm contacted the Montgomery County Police Sex Offender Registry Unit and was provided with Philip Kantor’s information. Philip Maurice Kantor had registered as a sex offender and provided an address of 4515 Willard Avenue, Unit 1214, Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland 20815, when he registered.  

The apartment building at this address is located within walking distance to Clyde’s of Chevy Chase, and there is a Chipotle restaurant and a Whole Foods Market one block from the entrance to the apartment building. Detective Savage responded to the apartment complex and reviewed surveillance video for the date and time provided by Victim A.J.B. Philip Kantor is seen leaving the building on January 26, 2019, at approximately 9:30 p.m., Kantor is seen wearing an orange hooded jacket with light colored accents, a brown scarf, brown pants, and a blue and yellow baseball cap. Kantor is then seen arriving back at the apartment building on January 27, 2019, at 2:15 a.m., Kantor and Victim A.J.B. walk out of camera range and return to the building at 2:42 a.m.  Victim A.J.B. appears very unsteady and looks to be pushing Kantor away. Kantor is seen trying to grab hold of Victim A.J.B. and appears to be trying to get her inside the apartment building. Kantor and Victim A.J.B. are out of camera range once they enter the building.  An hour later, Kantor and Victim A.J.B. are seen on camera entering the elevator on the first floor and exiting on the twelve-floor where Kantor lives.  Victim A.J.B. appears to be crying and Kantor pulls her by the hand on and off the elevator.  Kantor and Victim A.J.B. were captured on four separate surveillance cameras at the apartment building that Kantor uses as his residence. In each video, Victim A.J.B. appears highly intoxicated, and in one video, Kantor is seen with Victim A.J.B.’s arm around his neck and he appears to be holding her up while walking. Using a law enforcement database, detectives obtained Philip Maurice Kantor’s (DOB: 11/13/1972) Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) photo. The photo of Philip Maurice Kantor matches the person seen with Victim A.J.B. in the surveillance video and is the same Philip Kantor that Victim A.J.B. located on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry website. Additionally, in the MVA photo, Kantor is wearing the same orange jacket that he is seen wearing in the surveillance video, and the one described by Victim A.J.B. 

Days later, police conducted a search warrant on Kantor’s apartment.  Police found Victim A.J.B.’s black cottonunderwear, her silver iPhone 8 or her black bracelet inside.  On the Victim A.J.B.’s cellphone, police found a photo of the defendant seated on his bed forcing Victim A.J.B. to perform fellatio on him with his hand on the back of her head.  Victim A.J.B. does not appear to be conscious in the photo.   

Police obtained a search warrant to take a buccal swab from Kantor to obtain his DNA.  The Montgomery County Crime Lab compared Kantor’s DNA profile to Victim A.J.B.’s profile taken from the hospital rape kit.  Kantor’s sperm was found to be on the outside of Victim A.J.B.’s vagina. 

Because of Kantor’s arrest for the rape of Victim A.J.B. and the ensuing media coverage, Victims M.G., A.B., and B.D. came forward.   

On May 20, 2007, Victim M.G., an adult female, disclosed to police she was raped by Philip Kantor (11-3-72). The rape occurred at Kantor’s home at 10702 Kenilworth Avenue, Garrett Park, Montgomery County, Maryland 20896. On May 19, 2007, Victim M.G. went out with friends to a bar in Washington DC. She consumed alcoholic beverages throughout the course of the night and became intoxicated. While out, she was approached by Kantor, who introduced himself as Felipe to Victim M.G.  Kantor provided his phone number to Victim M.G. and this was later used to ascertain his identity. Kantor bought three rounds and shots for himself, Victim M.G., and her friend.  Victim M.G. recalls speaking to Kantor but blacked out after that. She does not remember anything that occurred until she woke up vomiting in Kantor’s bathroom the following morning. Victim M.G. was extremely ill and had vaginal pain. She asked Kantor if they had sexual intercourse and he responded that they “fooled around” and, if they had sex, he used a condom. Victim M.G. stated she was unable to stop vomiting until she received medical attention on the evening of May 20, 2007. Victim M.G. had a sexual assault forensic examination completed at Shady Grove Hospital. Results were inconclusive. In April of 2019, at the request of the State Attorney’s Office, detectives reinterviewed M.G.  She gave a consistent account of the offense with the original report she made to police.  

On May 7, 2019, Victim A.B., an adult female, disclosed to police she was raped by Philip Kantor years prior. The rape occurred at Kantor’s home at 4515 Willard Avenue, Apt 1214, Chevy Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland. On June 4, 2010, Victim A.B. was out with her friend, Witness B.F., and Kantor. Witness B.F. is an adult female. Kantor was known to Victim A.B. because he was dating Witness B.F. at the time.  Victim A.B. had one drink while at the bar with Witness B.F. and Kantor.  She does not recall leaving the bar or returning to Kantor’s apartment with Kantor and Witness.  Witness B.F. woke up and saw Kantor engaging Victim A.B. in vaginal intercourse next to her on the bed. Witness B.F. described Victim A.B. as “unconscious” as Kantor raped her.   Witness B.F. pushed Kantor off Victim A.B. and had to physically strike Victim get her to wake up. Victim A.B. described feeling paralyzed and she was unable to move her body.  Victim A.B. was unable to walk on her own and Witness B.F. had to assist her out of the apartment.   

 All events occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

“This defendant preyed on innocent women and is a threat to the safety of our community. Following his lengthy prison sentence, Philip Kantor will be on the sex offender registry for the remainder of his life. We thank the victims who courageously came forward and Assistant State’s Attorneys Frank Lazzaro and Dermot Garrett for their work in securing this guilty plea,” said State’s Attorney John McCarthy


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