Construction Update on Old Georgetown Road and Executive Blvd

Many who have driven through Rockville have been affected by the closure of the intersection at Old Georgetown Rd and Executive Blvd.

The county is working on a project known as the White Flint West Workaround Project. One goal is to realign Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard for improved traffic flow.

Per the county website, this project will also improve sidewalks, bikeways, trails, paths, and more. Another goal is to make the area more pedestrian friendly by reducing “superblocks”.

To help the construction process continue, the intersection of Old Georgetown Rd and Executive Blvd has been closed since March 22nd.

How much longer will you have to wait? 

The intersection is expected to re-open this August.

Having the intersection open during construction has led to unsafe conditions– there have been numerous “near misses” in addition to one fatal injury–a foreman was struck by a vehicle as he was exiting a manhole.

Below you’ll see a current shot of the progress at the intersection.


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