Foodhini, a company that offers authentic multicultural meals that are crafted by emerging immigrant and refugee chefs, has just expanded to include Bethesda.
This means Bethesda residents can now enjoy meals from Afghan, Lao, Ivorian and Eritrean menus delivered right to their doors.
Foodhini founder Noobstaa Philip Vang moved to D.C. to attend graduate school at Georgetown in the summer of 2014 and found himself missing his mom’s Hmong home cooking. He couldn’t find any Hmong restaurants in the area and didn’t find most of the local Thai and Lao restaurants as authentic as he was looking for.

Vang thought of his mom’s story. She came to the United States as a refugee of the Secret War in Laos and was only able to find low paying jobs due to her limited English language skills. Even though she had to work multiple jobs, she always found time to cook amazing meals for her family.

Vang wanted to create opportunities for chefs like his mom, while introducing unique flavors to the D.C. area. Currently, Foodhini offers food from four chefs- an Eritrean chef, an Iranian chef, a Lao chef, and a Syrian chef. They plan to add more chefs and feature a wider variety of cuisines as they continue to grow.

If you’re not in their current delivery area, which only reaches Takoma Park (and now Bethesda) in MoCo at the moment, you can still support and enjoy meals from Foodhini by picking it up from their kitchen located at 2212 Rhode Island Ave NE or in some local Whole Foods locations.


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