Humans Of MoCo: Hunter White (Germantown)

By: Ambika Narula

Fresh out of the military, an eighteen-year-old Hunter White decided that it was the time that he needed to retake control of his life, get a college education and chase a new dream.

Since his time at Seneca Valley High school, He had dreamt of being in the Military and continuing his family’s dedication in service; until White found out that he had to be medically discharged due to his back, scoliosis and occulta spina bifida.

Dreams crushed, White returned home to Montgomery County and decided to take the next step of enrolling into Montgomery College and getting a local retail job, just as many other college students do.

As of now, White has been working in retail and in the fast food industry in MoCo for about four years.
“Working these jobs has definitely taught me people skills that are invaluable in any profession. I absolutely recommend these kinds of jobs for those people skills and for the fact that you definitely grow a thicker skin. Not everyone is going to be a candy-coated sugar plum in life,” said White.

Despite working in retail and fast food all these years while maintaining his college education as a Communication Major, White discovered his newfound dream.

“My dream job is to work on the social media and broadcasting teams at Rooster Teeth based in Austin, Texas. They’re an online video and media company that have multiple large-scale productions including podcasting and feature-length films,” said White.

With big dreams and an upbeat attitude, White offered some thoughtful advice for those in a similar situation as he is:
“Just keep your chin up honestly. Life is difficult and throws you curveballs. Just brace for it with a positive attitude, and you’ll get through it all,” said White.

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