Kusshi Sushi Owner Assaulted After Dispute Over Drink

Though Wes Yao, owner of popular Pike & Rose restaurant Kusshi Sushi, has a YouTube channel that playfully warns others to avoid opening restaurants, he never imagined he would get assaulted at his own restaurant (warning: his YouTube channel contains language that isn’t suitable for everyone).

This morning we spoke with Yao, who told us of the situation that occurred at his restaurant earlier this week. A video of the incident can be found on the JackFroot Instagram account.

Yao claims a customer ordered a double shot of Casamigos– a brand of tequila. A bit after the drink was brought to the table, the customer came inside and attempted to return the drink. After some back and forth, which included Yao recording some of the interaction with his cell phone, the customer was given a refund for the drink.

According to Yao, the customer threw the restaurant copy receipt on the floor (no tip or signature) and left the credit card that was used to pay for the tab on the clipboard before exiting the restaurant. Yao picked up the card and the receipt and went outside to return them to the customer. The customer approached Yao and punched him in the face, knocking him down. “I was asking if he would be tipping the server on the tab, but instead of taking the receipt he punched me in the face.” Yao told us.

In a separate video, that Yao didn’t see until after the incident occurred, the customer seems to pour the ordered drink into another glass before filling up the shot glasses with water prior to returning it. This was the drink he was refunded for.

Yao is uncertain as to how he will proceed.

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