Fake Speed Camera Set Up By Resident in MoCo Neighborhood

Update: The camera has been removed. Full story here.

A NextDoor post depicting a fake speed camera that was built in a Kensington neighborhood has received over 150 comments and news coverage as neighbors debate if it’s a good idea. The “speed camera” is filled with books and doubles as a version of a “Little Free Library”, a space that allows neighbors to take and drop off books for the community.

The structure was recently discovered by Kensington resident Jake Meer just past his front yard. “Just returned from vacation to see a fake “speed cam” was erected in front of my house on McComas.” Meer wrote on NextDoor. “I’m a bit concerned about the liability factor: poorly made with glue gun and cheap plexiglass, storms/ wind blowing it over, library aspect distracting a driver, etc. THAT SAID, I totally get the utility factor, as people drive way too fast down McComas and it needs to be safer.”

He asked his neighbors for their thoughts on the camera. “Neighbors, is this just a simple case of “not in my [front] yard”? Should I have at least been consulted by whoever put it up, assuming it’s not the work of MoCo?? I’m genuinely curious what people think, aside from the fact that it’s fugly. Again, I see the purpose and value.” and neighbors chimed in with a variety of replies (the post is linked below).

FOX 5 reached out to Montgomery County police about the legality of the decoy camera and received the following response, “The ‘camera’ is not a camera. It was not placed in this area by MCPD, and it is not an MCPD speed camera. The location where the device has been placed is not an approved location for a speed camera.” It remains to be seen whether the structure will remain in the Kensington neighborhood.

Featured photo courtesy of FOX5


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