La Table Du Chateau, A New French Breakfast and Brunch Spot, To Open Every Weekend at Pike & Rose

Mark your calendars for a new culinary experience as Chef Max Zelenkov, an entrepreneur who once navigated the challenges of adapting to a new culture, proudly announces the grand opening of La Table Du Chateau on Saturday, July 22, 2023 (weekends 8am-3pm). Situated inside of The Block at Pike and Rose (967 Rose Ave. North Bethesda), this breakfast and brunch destination invites guests to savor the delightful flavors of French cuisine, blended with a touch of home and a dash of international inspiration.

Chef Max Zelenkov’s journey began when he emigrated as Ukrainian/Russian native to the United States and was raised and pursued his education in Montgomery County. MoCo, a melting pot of culture and tradition, was the perfect setting to foster Chef Max’s fascination with the world’s diverse culinary traditions.

As Chef Max explored various culinary paths, a trip to Paris, France, where the rich flavors excited his palette, found himirresistibly drawn to the allure of French cuisine. He discovered that the elegance, finesse, and rich flavors of French cooking resonated deeply with his culinary talents, while also bearing some intriguing similarities to the dishes of his native heritage. “I found a deep connection between the traditional flavors of my childhood and the essence of French cuisine,” Chef Max explained. Crepes are one dish that translate both cultures as Max’s family made them regularly for breakfast during his childhood.

Teaming up with his co-owner and wife, Iqra Zelenkov, with a shared passion for food, Chef Max realized that La Table Du Chateau was destined to be more than just a restaurant—it was a celebration of culture, diversity, and the joy of giving back. The Block at Pike and Rose, known for its support of diverse entrepreneurs, became the perfect canvas for Chef Max’s vision. Among the co-owners of The Block, Arturo Mei, an immigrant & entrepreneur himself, connected with Chef Max on their shared journey and commitment to supporting those starting anew.

At the grand opening of La Table Du Chateau on July 22, 2023, at The Block in Pike and Rose, Chef Max invites guests to experience the love and passion he pours into each dish. From the buttery croissants that transport diners to the streets of Paris to the savory crêpes that evoke nostalgic memories of home, every element on the menu reflects Chef Max’s culinary finesse and heartfelt connection to the Montgomery County community.

“La Table Du Chateau is not just a restaurant; it is an embodiment of our journey, our love for this community, and our desire to share a piece of our hearts through our cuisine,” Chef Max expressed.

About La Table Du Chateau: La Table Du Chateau is a culinary gem founded by Chef Max Zelenkov and his wife, Iqra Zelenkov, specializing in French-inspired breakfast and brunch. Chef Max, an entrepreneur, discovered his passion for French cuisine while traveling abroad to France and finding similarities to his native flavors. La Table Du Chateau opens its doors at The Block in Pike and Rose every weekend from 8am-3pm, offering a heartwarming dining experience that celebrates culture and cuisine.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Max Zelenkov at 240-813-0001 or [email protected]. Visit for details about La Table Du Chateau.

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