Empowering Success: A Mother’s Inspiring Journey through the Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Program at The Universities at Shady Grove (sponsored)

Sponsored article courtesy of the Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Program at The Universities at Shady Grove

Every so often, a story emerges from the world of technology and engineering that reminds us of the potency of human determination and resilience. Shannon Murray’s remarkable journey through the Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering (CPSE) program at The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is a story of academic achievement and a testament to the unwavering determination of a devoted mother

Shannon, an alumni of the class of 2022, embarked on her educational journey at USG with a strong aspiration – to establish a career in engineering. Originally enrolling in the program under its former title, Embedded Systems and Internet of Things, now known as Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering, Shannon shared how, despite the challenges of motherhood, her determination propelled her toward success. You can watch her talk about her story here: https://youtu.be/Wl7pcGv-eio?si=QRx8Qf8xGqS6Su7E.

Balancing family life and academic pursuits, Shannon faced the need to adapt to the demands of parenthood while navigating her academic journey. Like many students, financial constraints pose a significant obstacle, but Shannon’s resolve to pursue her education remained strong. She acknowledged the pivotal role played by financial aid and scholarships in shaping her educational mindset. Among these, the Kendall Scholarship at USG held a special place–it not only alleviated her financial burdens but also fostered a profound sense of responsibility to make the most of this opportunity. During a recent interview, Shannon shared her thoughts, saying, “The Kendall scholarship helped the most because it was a full scholarship – it covered all of the classes. It definitely relieves some of the stresses that come along with attending a university and paying for school so you can really focus on your education.” According to Shannon, the Kendall Scholarship was a game-changer for her. It allowed her to focus wholeheartedly on her education, removing the financial anxieties often accompanying university life. The belief in her abilities that the scholarship reinforced was also a powerful motivator, pushing her to strive for excellence. “It helped in my approach to just focus on the CPSE program and really put in my best… But it also made me work hard to make sure that I don’t let them down, because they are so generous.”

Shannon’s journey was not without its challenges. Engineering programs demand rigorous commitment, and for a mother with familial responsibilities, achieving balance necessitated exceptional time management and grit. Shannon was quick to highlight that the CPSE program at USG equipped her with the essential tools and knowledge to succeed. The CPSE program at The Universities at Shady Grove offers a diverse array of courses, preparing students for a wide range of technological pursuits. Shannon found the program’s comprehensive curriculum instrumental in her journey toward becoming a proficient engineer.

As Shannon reflected on her path, she extended her wisdom to other women and individuals aspiring to excel in engineering: “Just don’t give up, just keep pushing.” she urged. “I know it’s very, very challenging, but you can’t stop. Because once you get to the finish line, you will feel amazing. It’s such a great feeling to finish, to get that degree and feel so accomplished. And I know there aren’t many women in engineering, but that can change. You just have to keep going.”

As a successful alumna of the CPSE program at USG, Shannon is poised to make significant contributions to the technology sector. Shannon has recently joined Verint, a prominent technology company, in the role of Associate Software Developer within the embedded team. In this capacity, Shannon plays a vital role in designing, modifying, and rigorously testing C/C++ software applications, while also taking an active part in code reviews. Her contributions extend beyond the realm of coding; she actively identifies opportunities for improvements in maintenance procedures, design enhancements, and other critical features. Shannon’s dedication to her role serves as a continued source of inspiration, as she applies her expertise to drive innovation and tackle complex engineering challenges.

Shannon’s journey also gives hope for mothers and aspiring engineers alike, underscoring the incredible potential that awaits those who dare to dream and diligently pursue their goals. Shannon’s story is a potent reminder that while the path may be demanding, with determination, dedication, and the right support system, nothing is beyond reach. The Universities at Shady Grove’s CPSE program shines as a testament to the opportunities it extends to individuals from all walks of life, with Shannon’s success standing as a beacon of inspiration for all.

The CPSE program at The Universities at Shady Grove continues to empower students like Shannon, nurturing the next generation of engineers poised to propel technological innovation. For more student and alumni stories, you can find them at https://shadygrove.ece.umd.edu/moco-show-articles. If you’re interested in learning more about the CPSE program or want to get in touch with them, visit their website at https://shadygrove.ece.umd.edu/, or contact them by email at [email protected] or by phone at 240-665-6531.

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