Brief History of Anchor Inn (Wheaton)

The Anchor Inn was one of the most popular restaurants in MoCo for 50 years.

Established in 1954 in the heart of Wheaton, The Anchor Inn was one of the first places in Montgomery County to apply for and receive their liquor license in 1964.

“Anchor Inn was part of traditions for many others in the community, said Scaggs, such as the Colesville Lions Club, Wheaton-Kensington Chamber of Commerce, Good Counsel High School and the Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad. The fund-raisers, high school events and community fellowship were a part of the family’s service to the area apart from serving quality food.”
– Gazette

Owner, Harry “Selby” Scaggs Jr., attributed poor business to MoCo’s smoking ban in restaurants and decided to sell the restaurant in 2004 (after 50 years of business).

The restaurant closed permanently in 2004. In May 2006 the restaurant was torn down to make way for a residential and retail mixed-use development. Currently, the sign pictured above is the last remnant of the legendary restaurant.

Photos courtesy of and Steve Michaels.


Old Anchor Inn Menu

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