Commanders Song “Who Are We? The Commanders” To Be Performed Live At The Next Two Washington Commanders Home Games

by MCS Staff

The Commanders Song: Who are we? The Commanders (videos below) by OH Goody featuring Big57 has taken Commanders social media by storm this year, with the song receiving over 160k plays on YouTube, and clips of it receiving millions of views across various social media platforms. Now, the creators of the song will get to perform it live in front of thousands of fans at Fed Ex Field at the next two home games, the duo announced.

Commanders superfan Lucas Georgiou said “At first we kind of did it as a joke, but now it’s the jam every time we win.” While the song itself has been widely criticized on a musical level, the overall theme of support for the home team and catchy hook has been used by many to celebrate Washington Commanders big plays, wins, and more.  Check out the popular clip and full song below:




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