DC Temple Will Have Lights, But Only For Those Driving By


A popular holiday tradition for many in our area includes going to see the Washington D.C. Temple Festival of Lights.

Located in Kensington, the Festival of Lights at the Washington D.C. LDS Temple is usually open to the public, allowing visitors to walk around the grounds under the beautiful lights and take in free performances at the Visitors Center.

The holiday lights will be turned on at the DC Temple in Kensington this holiday season, but only for those driving by in vehicles. Visitors will not be allowed to walk the grounds this year.


3 Comments on "DC Temple Will Have Lights, But Only For Those Driving By"

  1. I don’t understand what this post is trying to say. Will we be allowed to drive around the grounds of the temple? Or will we only be allowed to drive (and, obviously, walk) along Stoneybrook Dr. to see the lights from outside the complex? Is there a link hidden in the post with more information, e.g. dates and times if the grounds are, in fact, open to the public during specific periods?

  2. Is there a map of how cars should file in? Are there dates and times posted? So disappointing as we thought this would be a good outdoor family activity this season.

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