Do You Remember the Guy That Painted at Rio? The Story of George Petridis


Do You Remember the Guy That Painted at Rio? The Story of George Petridis

“Remember that guy that used to paint at Rio?”
We sure do.

If you’ve ever walked through Rio between 2000-2016, you’ve probably spotted George Petridis working on one of his beautiful paintings with a lot of his other artwork on display in the atrium of Rio just outside of the movie theater.

For over 15 years, Petridis displayed his art and worked on new pieces surrounded by the bustle of the Rio crowd– often interacting with those who stopped to enjoy some of the work he had on display.

You’d be surprised to learn that Petridis didn’t actually live in MoCo, though he spent much of his time here while his art was on display at Rio.

He was born and raised in Athens, Greece and didn’t pick up art until later in life while he was looking to become a cardiologist and fell in love with the daughter of a prominent artist in Belgium, who introduced him to painting.

After participating in a show in Paris, he decided his passion would become his career and he joined his brother in Toronto, Canada.

Since then he spent time back in Greece and then made his home in Slippery Rock, PA with his wife Melanie. Melanie has written a book on George’s life as an artist. The book it titled Destiny of an Artist and is available on Amazon.

George unfortunately took sick in January of 2016 and passed away in July 4th of that year. His legacy will live on through his paintings and the fond memories we have of seeing him around Rio.


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  2. I remember his paintings very well. He was very nice every time I spoke to him about his work and his technique. I didn’t realize that he had passed 🙁

  3. I do remember him and his paintings, did stop to talk occasionally about his art and about Greece, a country I love, a very nice, talented man, so sorry to hear he passed away!

  4. It’s unfortunate the article authors names are not published. This is good work.

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