Former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening Endorses Hans Riemer for Montgomery County Executive

by MCS Staff

Former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening has endorsed Hans Riemer for Montgomery County Executive. Glendening, a Democrat, served as the 59th Governor of Maryland from January 18, 1995, to January 15, 2003. Previously, he was the County Executive of Prince George’s County from 1982 to 1994.

His full endorsement letter, sent out by the Riemer campaign, can be seen below:


I’m Parris Glendening. You may know me as the former governor of Maryland or as I am always pleased to say, the father of smart growth.

Today, I’m here to talk about Hans Riemer. I first met Hans when he was a young organizer, working as a transit activist. Even then, he understood the importance of thinking about housing, transit, and the environment all together. Hans knows that creating communities that are accessible, sustainable and equitable is also smart economic policy.

I have been continually impressed to watch Hans grow as a leader during his time on the County Council. He’s maintained that vision and effectively turned it into good policy.

I’m a three term former County Executive. I know that a visionary agenda does not equal legislation. To get tangible results, a leader must listen, learn and lead.

And I can tell you that Hans leads well, with real results!

As Hans worked on the vision for the Purple Line Innovation Corridor, I’d receive emailed newsletters from his office. I was struck by how honest, direct, and illuminating they were. I’d often respond to Hans, and we would discuss his proposed policies. In one particular exchange, I said “whoever in your office wrote this email deserves an award.” And Hans responded, “I did.”

Hans gets things done. He’s carrying the smart growth vision forward. When I was Governor there was no Pike and Rose! We were not building housing on top of Metro! The idea of a Purple Line Innovation Corridor was just a pipe dream.

Hans’s pioneering leadership will create a more prosperous, inclusive, and connected Maryland. I am endorsing Hans Riemer for Montgomery County Executive because we need people with a vision, a focus on progress, and a record of success to lead us into the future!

You can watch my endorsement video here.


Governor Parris Glendening”


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