Former NFL Player Robert Bass to Run for Montgomery County Sheriff

by Daniela Perez

Former NFL Player to Run for Montgomery County Sheriff

Three-term Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin announced in June that he will not run for re-election and former NFL star Robert Bass has announced he is running to take over the position.

Bass, a 50-year-old Democratic candidate, is the second candidate to enter the race.

Bass, originally from Brooklyn NY, moved to Montgomery County in 2008 to join the County’s sheriff’s office as a deputy, and is currently a Silver Spring resident. He has worked in the domestic violence and court transportation units.

Later, in 2012 Bass created his own company, Never Left Alone Security Consulting. The company provides security services for a multitude of different establishments including residential complexes, religious grounds, universities, hotels and more.

The sheriff’s responsibilities include court security, issuing criminal warrants, criminal transportation, service of process for the county court system, child support enforcement and combatting domestic violence.

Bass hopes to focus on officer training implementing de-escalation tactics and a bigger focus on mental health. He believes that MCPS could do better job with outreach, to recruit officers in the sheriff’s office from within the county.

Before moving to Montgomery country he worked as director of player development for the Miami Dolphins. From ‘91-‘94 he played football for the University of Miami, the Linebacker continue to his football career in the NFL for two years (94-‘96). Bass played for the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

The 2022 primary will be on June 28 and the general election is on Nov. 8


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Ed Peavey July 14, 2021 - 5:29 pm

The Sheriff’s Office does not “issue criminal warrants.” That can only be done by a judge or a commissioner.

And not sure what league the New Orlando Stints are in.


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