Letter From Wootton High School Principal About Alleged Sexual Assault Involving Varsity Football Team; Police Find No Evidence Sexual Assault Occurred

by Patrick Herron

Wootton High School Principal Kimberly Boldon sent the following letter to students and families on Tuesday evening after police were called to the school to investigate an alleged incident that occurred in the boys locker room involving the school’s Varsity football team.

Dear Thomas S. Wootton High School Families,
I am reaching out to provide you with information about a serious incident that occurred today, Tuesday, November 2, involving members of our Varsity football team. A staff member reported that an incident occurred in the locker room, and Montgomery County Police (MCPD) were immediately called.  The police investigated the allegations before the team left the school, including whether a sexual assault occurred. Police found no evidence of a sexual assault. School administration will now investigate the matter as a disciplinary issue and will also determine if students were properly supervised in accordance with MCPS policies and procedures.

I want to assure you we have taken all of the required steps, in collaboration with MCPD and the MCPS Department of School Security and Emergency Management, to ensure our students’ safety and well-being.  We will have additional follow up with the members of our football team and their families, including discussions about our safety and security procedures.  A team of psychologists and counselors will also be on campus in the coming days to provide support as needed.

If you have any questions about this incident, please don’t hesitate to call the school at 240-740-1500.

Kimberly M. Boldon

FOX5 reports that according to MCPD, “no further criminal investigation” is required, and criminal charges are not expected.


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sd November 12, 2021 - 4:08 am

But, what was the actual”incident” that was investigated??


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