Life in Prison Plus 25 Years for Defendant Who Shot 21-Year-Old Man in Broad Daylight

by Patrick Herron

According to the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, “Today in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, MD, the Honorable John Maloney sentenced defendant, Abraham Douglas, 21, of Washington D.C. to life in prison plus an additional 25 years for the death of Ahamdou Bamba Gueye, 23, of Takoma Park.” Douglas received life for the first-degree murder charge, plus 20 years consecutive for Use of a Firearm in Commission of a Felony and another five years consecutive for Third-Degree Burglary. Douglas was convicted in December, 2022. 

This stems from an incident on April 22, 2022, in broad daylight, in the parking lot of the Park Richie Apartments located at 7600 Maple Avenue in Takoma Park. Douglas can be seen on surveillance video exiting the passenger side of a vehicle, walking in the direction where a group of people were gathered off screen and then starting to run. In court, Assistant State’s Attorneys Marybeth Ayres and Lauren Turner explained that Douglas, wearing a ski mask, targeted Bamba Gueye, running toward him and shooting him in the back at close range. The bullet passed through the victim’s body, killing him, and then struck a nearby vehicle. Douglas also accidentally shot himself in the leg as he fled. He broke into a nearby apartment where he was ultimately located by responding officers with Takoma Park Police. Investigators recovered a 9mm pistol, a large 50 round drum magazine and red tipped bullets from the apartment.

Ahamdou Bamba Gueye, victim

Abraham Douglas


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